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"The name is Sharpe. Richard Sharpe."

I have long been a fan of Bernard Cornwell's Napoleonic War novels about Richard Sharpe, which I fell in love with after seeing the BBC production of Sharpe's Rifles some years ago on KTCA. (I still think they should have had someone like Brian Blessed playing Sergeant Harper, but you can't have everything.) Imagine my great pleasure at seeing The Sharpe Companion the other day at B&N! Written by Mark Adkin, the book is chock-full of maps, historical and sociological sidebars, and an extensive glossary to accompany the well-written text that takes you to the historical battles that are the McGuffins for Sharpe's many adventures. Unfortunately for me, this section of what is obviously a multi-volume work covers the novels that deal with Sharpe's rise to the officer ranks in India during the various colonial wars that ultimately resulted in India's unification under the Raj. Fortunately for me, HarperCollins is publishing those novels in mass market format instead of the awkward Penguin imports/trade paperbacks the later novels were brought out in, so I can add some more excellent books to the collection without completely bankrupting myself. Yay!
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