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My name...is EEYORE!

I'm not quite as miserable as I was last night, but instead I have this horrible apathetic Blah which has settled in for the day. I have a CD to mail out, but I Don't Care. I have about five pages of writing to do to wrap up the Reading class, all of which are due tonight, and I don't care about that either. I'm all about sitting in my corner of the swamp under the eternal overcast in my head and doing nothing for as long as possible.

I suppose the thing to do at this point is rummage through my CD carrier and find some raging metal stuff or some perky shiny happy Hayashibara stuff. Something to change the mood, anyway, because I really need to get a number of things done today aside from staying focused on the dieting. I have a bad tendency to chow down when I'm depressed, which really doesn't do anything to help.

UPDATE: Well, I found some Cracker in the CD case, which is happy-making enough. Finished most of the writing for tonight's class and I can plausibly slough off the rest until later in the week...sometime. Think I'm going to plead illness and go home early tonight.
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