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Behind the curve

Well, I really meant to get up early and go to Mass at St. Edward's, it being the local parish and all, but Sloth and Indolence overtook me and I wound up staying up until after 3 AM reading David Drake's Fireships, plinking away at Freeciv (which I am developing a real dislike for) and listening to Earl's show which had no Earl content this week but had plenty of slammin' Old School metal content, which is 75% of the reason I listen to the show anyway. The Root is good for making the show 33% cooler than Drunk-Ass Dave can manage, even with the assistance of the Sheckmaster General and various allegedly hot chicks in the studio. *shrugs*

So, since it's already after 1 PM, I need to get my butt in gear and refill my laundry card so I can tend to that chore before I head off to the 5 PM Mass downtown at St. Olaf's (modern contemporary worship music, choke, gag) and then to MinneTokyo since I really really need to give tokenfanboy back his copies of Nurse Witch Komugi and Princess Nine, the latter of which may have been good but I had no time to watch it so it's free of marsupial eye-tracks.

This week's going to be busy but manageable, I think; Monday and Friday are the only evenings I'm not doing anything, which is good because I'm going to need time to recover from the grind.