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quick hits

Well, so much for doing taxes and boning up for tomorrow's Assessment final. At least I got laundry done. Without further ado, some quick book and music reviews...

Ryan Adams, Rock N Roll: Bought this for the haunting and evocative "Burning Photographs", but it has a lot of other cool tunage on it as well, "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home" and "Do Miss America", frex. Sometimes the critics do know what they're talking about.

Black Sabbath, Heaven And Hell: The arguments between metalheads about Ozzy and Dio are damn near as bad as those between Mac and Windows users. That having been said, this is your typical Sabs alum - one or two slammin' old-school metal headbangers surrounded by ponderous slabs of pretentious noise. Bought mainly for the title tune and "Neon Knights", which is an Utena AMV (Black Rose Arc) waiting to happen.

Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms: Everybody knows "Money For Nothing" came off this album, but I always preferred "So Far Away" and "Walk of Life". So sue me.

Michael Lewis, Moneyball: This book rules. Ties together the bizarre story of Billy Beane with the writing career of Bill James and the history of sabermetrics into a righteous book that sticks its thumb squarely in the eye of all those pompous screwheads we have to put up with when we read the sports pages or watch ballgames on the tube. Why do the Oakland A's routinely whip teams that spend hundreds of millions more than they do on players? Because the A's are SMARTER. Read it and weep, O's fans.

David Weber/John Ringo, March to the Stars: Third in a series of books that detail the coming of age of Prince Roger McClintock, a whiny brat and third in line for the throne of an interstellar empire until sabotage dumps him and his Marine bodyguards onto the barbaric fringe planet of Marduk. Roger and his troops have beaten several barbarian armies into bloody pulp and only need to get across the sea to the starport...but things are never that simple on Marduk. Highly recommended, along with the first two books in the series, March Upcountry and March to the Sea.
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