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Many and varied discontents

Got some things accomplished last night, but by and large it was a waste of time redeemed only by a long night's sleep, which I apparently needed since I feel a lot better this morning.
I did manage to get back into my St. Mary's Webtools account, which I had forgotten the password to, and pulled an article for tonight's presentation. Unfortunately the article looks like the most extensively documented piece of doubletalk in the history of academia - it reminds me entirely too much of the famous treaty referred to in Asimov's Foundation and Empire - but I can discuss it for fifteen minutes with my classmates, which is all I need to do.

Ranting about the home front follows...

Did some grocery shopping but forgot to pick up veggies (which means I'm going to have to go over to the Northstar and get some at typical downtown prices) probably because my blood sugar was really low due to an early lunch. I was getting the wobbles on the way out, but was able to deal with that before I drove home...to find that the living room a/c was running while the shades were wide open. I growled about the stupidity of this to phoenixalpha and quickly determined that she had forgotten to call management about the fact that the a/c wasn't doing its job. She and Scott hied themselves off to the pool while I lugged the groceries in...at which point I noticed the dishwasher was running. Sure enough, there were no damn coffee cups or glasses anywhere to be found.

Plus, the garbage had been emptied, but there was no new bag in the can. The stove? Piled high with pots, pans and utensils. In short, the kitchen was a near-complete sty. So even if I'd wanted to cook something for dinner, I would have had to wash something out first, and after barely making it through the shopping I wasn't even remotely interested in cleaning up after somebody else's mess. Again. I slapped together a couple of sandwiches, nuked a couple of hot dogs, and that was dinner. Good thing I had my water bottle so I had something to wash it all down with.

I tell you, I have all the drawbacks of bachelor life combined with the disadvantages of being married to a complete slob. It's not that I mind cleaning up after myself, but I've never liked cleaning up after other people very much, and still less so when they're old enough to do it themselves. I'm definitely looking forward to the kids moving out. Definitely. I think it'll actually be less work for me, but we'll see.

Less irritating, but still annoying: Nicollet Mall being closed, which forces all the buses that normally run there onto Hennepin. This was a bad idea, and maybe Metro Transit didn't have any good options, but it makes the 589 a non-factor for me while it's going on. The stops on Hennepin are all inconvenient for me and the paths to & from the Tower generally run through areas that are also under construction. So, I think that all things considered, I'm going to just drive over to midtown Bloomington and take the 597 in. It drops me off a block from work on 2nd, picks up there as well, and it seems I usually have to swing by the Cub on the way home these days anyway.

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