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And so to bed

Well, it was a nice wedding. The rain that had been plaguing the Twin Towns of Terror went away in the late afternoon and seemed to have missed the Horse & Hunt Club anyway; the various and sundry little dirt roads running off into the farmland on either side of CSAH 23 looked like they hadn't seen any rain all week, much less on Saturday. The ceremony was mercifully short, and because we were late we missed most of the poetry reading and folk singing (thank you, Lord, for making me less punctual than I otherwise might be) and sat in the back with drunkenphlower to listen to the poetry recital and vows part of the ceremony. I saw tjstriker, tatsmaru, lady_hotaru and some other AD folks who aren't on LJ; after the ceremony was over we all settled in at the same table in the back. The Horse & Hunt Club puts on a good feed, and I indulged myself somewhat by having a glass of wine with dinner, especially since Scott was driving and I wasn't. Passed on the champagne, though; stuff gives me brutal headaches and I avoid it like the plague. We wound up leaving around 10 PM after Scott obtained a couple of corks for not-yet-empty (or flat) bottles of champagne, and I spent about an hour fighting the registration software for a new copy of RealPlayer, since the Deskpro couldn't find the one that was on the D: drive from the P-Machine. *sigh*

Going back to this morning for a moment..

Part of the reason i was so late getting to danae's moving party was that my old friend Richard called; we hadn't spoken in several months, and oddly enough he was reminded of this at Tuesday's Kraftwerk concert when he and digex thought, "Gee, it's too bad Mr. Trainor can't be here for this," which is actually a bit odd because I've never been that big a fan of Kraftwerk. Don't get me wrong, I like them just fine, it's just that I've never owned any of their albums nor have I felt any particular urge to run out and pick up the CDs. Anyway, he called to fill me in on how things were going for him and sundry other friends I left behind me when I moved out here. It was good to get an update on the hometown team...it reminds me that people down home haven't forgotten me even though it's been about three years since I've managed to get back there, and it'll probably be another three before I can think seriously about going home even for a visit. Anyway, as edminster says, it's good to play catch-up with your friends; it's one of the ways you stay friends with people instead of just fading out into an indistinct memory.

The other thing I wanted to mention was how weird it felt going to Confession again. (Anyone who whines at me "It's the Sacrament of Reconciliation now!" can STFU thankyouverymuch, because on some subjects I am unrepentantly Old School.) The last time I went was the day before my father's funeral Mass, which was damn near 4.5 years ago, and unfortunately for my grimy little soul I've been a busy fellow since then. I took Dad's missal with me for comfort and a reference, but was sufficiently disturbed by the whole experience that I couldn't even find the act of contrition and would up having to read the new version off the card offered to me, which sounded completely wrong to me. Still, I feel like several tons of weight have been lifted off my shoulders. My knees hurt like hell while I was on the kneeler, but I felt oddly lightheaded on the way back to the apartment. Now, about twleve hours later, I feel calm and ready to sleep a good solid sleep, even though I'll be getting up in four hours to catch the early Mass at St. Edward's, which hopefully will be a Low Mass with none of the happy shiny folk music that passes for modern Catholic worship music. I can dream, can't I?
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