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Obligatory Saturday post

Pretty busy day - got a lot accomplished, although started off late due to a phone call from Mr. B., who I haven't spoken with in ages. We caught up some, and as a result were late getting over to danae's place for the move. She and her intrepid band of movers (including tokenfanboy had already shoved off for her new digs, and we (phoenixalpha and I) went hence but missed the crew by that much. So we drove back to her place on Lyndale and were in time to help move the Big Heavy Stuff into the U-Haul, so we didn't feel totally useless.

Then we went off to get suitable wedding duds for phoenixalpha, who hadn't planned ahead for stuckintraffik's wedding and so had Nothing To Wear. That accomplished, I plied her with vegetable matter and went to Confession for the first time in 4.5 years after dropping her at home.

Now it's time for me to get off the Deskpro, get into my suit, and get my ass out to Prior Lake.
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