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Comments sent to the FEC

Text of an e-mail sent to the secretary of the Federal Elections Commission, which is considering regulating political speech in the blogosphere...

Dear Ms. Dove,
Since I cannot find the e-mail addresses of the Commissioners on the FEC website, I am e-mailing you in the hope that you will forward this letter to them.
I have maintained a LiveJournal since the spring of 2004. Like most LiveJournals, this is primarily a public diary, an account of my life and times, and as such it contains my opinions on a wide range of subjects. One of those subjects is politics, which infuriates, amuses and involves me by turns, and provides me with much scope for comment, both on the topics of the day and on deeper philosophical topics. It was with great surprise and no little disgust that I read of the FEC's intent to extend the noxious, unconstitutional effects of the BCRA to the opinions of webloggers such as myself.
I do not delude myself that I have anything like the impact of Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), Duncan Black (Atrios), Charles Austin (Little Green Footballs), Oliver Willis, the folks that do Powerline, or even local conservative blogger Mitch Berg (Shot In The Dark). At best, my opinions probably reach only a few score friends and acquaintances. However, I'm not so stupid as to think that a bludgeon applied to them to foreclose their public discussion of matters political can't (and won't) be applied to me as well, especially if some egotistical twit like Senator McCain gets hold of the enforcement mechanisms. I therefore join those who are petitioning the FEC to keep its hands off the blogosphere and its inhabitants, because Congress was wrong to pass the BCRA, the President was wrong to sign it, and the Supreme Court was wrong to uphold it.
I further say that if the FEC decides that political speech in the blogosphere must be controlled and regulated, that I will not comply with those controls nor will I submit to your regulations. I remember the story of Peter Zenger, and unlike Senator McCain I have not forgotten that I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.
I understand that you are only an employee of the FEC and not responsible for its actions, and hope you also understand that my anger is not directed at you.

Cordially and sincerely,

UPDATE Found the correct address for comments here and resent the letter sans personal touches.
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