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Start of a short week

Not much on my plate this morning, and I don't feel like updating my checkbook yet, so while I'm waiting for the weekly weigh-in, here's a couple of anime reviews.

jamestrainor will be glad to hear that I finally got around to watching The Venus Wars, a stand-alone movie about a bunch of teenage "battle-bike" riders caught up in the war between Venus' two nations. There's a review of it here, if you want a plot summary; the art is kinda old-fashioned but gets the job done, and the story flows well enough. Adequate eye candy; C+.

I also watched the first two episodes of Nurse Witch Komugi, which reminds me a little too much of Puni Puni Poemy except without the hyperkinetic action, probably because this too is a parody of the magical princess genre. Basic plot is that the Earth has been invaded by alien viruses, and so Mugimaru has been sent to help humans fight them off. Mugimaru comes across Komugi, who is cosplaying as a nurse, and things take off from there. I could have done without all the scenes at the talent agency, which didn't strike me as all that funny (as well as being the Japanese version of all the annoying "inside baseball" Hollywood plots that are constantly being made into movies) but overall it's an amusing series, worth watching. Good, solid B. (Thanks to tokenfanboy for the loan!
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