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The six-week progress report

Mercifully hidden behind the cut since I know only about 3 of you have any interest in baseball...

Right now my Senators are in fourth place in Yahoo Public League #280679, mainly due to my pitching, and that mainly due to my starters (Pedro Martnez, Bronson Arroyo, Dontrelle Willis, Livan Hernandez and the recently acquired Bruce Chen) who are leading the league in WHIP, second place in wins and ERA, and are third place in Ks. Saves aren't so hot since K-Rod went on the DL and Yhency Brazoban hasn't picked up the slack yet.

Yes, I broke my own rule and picked up a Dodger; also bent my rule and picked up a Pale Hoser, but at least it was a former Twin (AJ Pierzynski) who's a pretty hot catcher. Yes, I could have had my old reliable Mike Lieberthal instead, but his batting average and dingers stink right now, and those are two areas I'm already hurting in. Offense as usual is bad, really bad. Neither the infield nor the outfield are producing...well, Jimmy Rollins is doing surprisingly well, as are Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer, but second and third base have been black holes offensively. Thank God for Mike Sweeney and Erubiel Durazo; at least the DH slot is generating some offense, beacsuie the outfielders (Juan Pierre, Richard Hidalgo, Nick Swisher, Juan Encarnacion, and Jacque Jones) have been pretty useless except for Brian Wilkerson, who is the second coming of Frank Howard except without the dingers. *sigh*

I keep telling myself it's a long season and I have to be patient...but some of these guys make me want to go to the ballpark for the express purpose of throwing garbage at them. Arrrgggh!
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