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I made the mistake of starting S.M. Stirling's The Desert and the Blade last night, which meant I was up until 0600 and that pretty much fucked up my Wednesday. I went out to sign papers and move money, but I was too late getting out the door, so neither of those things happened. I didn't have coffee before heading out, so for a few minutes I sat in the parking lot at Tonopah Station, unsure quite what to do with myself. Eventually I decided to kill all the frog portals there, flipped and buffed the stuffed bear, and headed out to work more mischief. I recharged and farmed some portals on Logan Field Road, made my way out to the Test Range, and made some fields there. Also turned off US-6 and went to the airport, where I captured the water tanks, threw more fields, and took a pic of a decrepit WW2 hangar. Then I went home and whipped up a pitcher of chocolate protein shake, which was Breakfast. Dinner. Whatever, it was the first meal of the day. BG was normal, but weight was up (which I expected after eating all the sushi) but on the gripping hand the BP was down.

I'd thought about getting a phone and a Choice Wireless prepaid card to go with it, but decided to go with the signal booster from Amazon instead. What with the refund and a gift card from T-Mobile it wound up costing me just $150. Signal did seem a little better here on the south side, but I didn't get downtown to see if it was better there too, much less the north side. Tomorrow for sure.

Did the catchup blogging, played some HoI (I am taking another shot with the Japanese) and have been feeling very tired. I think I'll just bash out the normal link post for the day and call it a night.
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