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Standard of living improvements

Well, it took a little over two hours and a little over $250, but I have a fully functional desktop again, which means the KSoL will be going back into reserve until the as-yet-unnamed Deskpro fails me, which I'm sure it inevitably will. I may use it to play DVDs through the TV/VCR combo, since it has video outputs. *shrug* In addition to that, I took phoenixalpha out to Mystic Lake for a long-overdue birthday dinner, and did horrible things to my diet. Fortunately I offset that with plenty of walking on Friday and today. I hope. My left knee certainly thinks so, anyway.

In addition to the Deskpro (which has a respectable 1GHz Pentium III and an actual 512MB of RAM, both improvements over the P-Machine) I also picked up a new set of headphones at Radio Shack, got the oil changed, got fitted for a suit (my God, I wear a size 62), and acquired a new Big & Tall Executive Chair to replace the busted piece of crap the ex left behind, as well as a floormat to put it on. After groceries and rent I should be pretty well tapped out, but that's all right. Didn't have any plans for this weekend anyway.
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