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Trash Day in the bedroom

Slept a full six hours; weight was down a lot, BG was up, and BP was a little lower than yesterday but still high. Maybe I shouldn't have moved all that stuff in the bedroom first.

Had breakfast, waited until after noon for Jase from the rubbish company to show; he took out all the pieces of the old bed frame and the box the new one came in, and said he'd ask around to see if anyone's interested in coming in and helping me with all these damn boxes. After he left, I finished the hummus and tuna salad I fixed for lunch and crashed for several hours. The bedroom is a lot emptier now and I think I'll fill the empty space with a couple of bookcases that have been packed up in boxes unassembled for a couple of years. Real soon now.

Got up, went over to Raley's after a little Ingress and bought avocados, pork rinds, more hummus, and more naan. Misread the $5 Monday flyer and bought a bunch of sushi that wasn't actually on sale. Went home, ate the sushi for dinner while doing the daily bloggage, and browsed Reddit for a while in a semi-catatonic state.

Tomorrow I need to get down to the post office and pick stuff up, maybe do some pre-packing for Wednesday, and gird my loins for the walk up to the water tank. I do believe this time I'll drive up to the chain and save myself some sweat.
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