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Ever felt the torque of a Hemi? Ever seen the face of the Lord?

Well, last night's class in Social Studies Methods went okay, I guess. It felt very weird to be taking it again, hearing a lot of the same stuff I heard last fall, reading the same stuff...and noticing on the syllabus that the one requirement that scragged me last time (a research paper, ironically) had been deleted from the course. Theoretically, I could just recycle all the stuff I turned in last fall, turn it in now, and ask for a pass on the rest of the sessions, but in practice I don't think that would fly. I'll let the instructor suggest it, if he has a mind to, and if not I'll just sit in on the classes and practice my n07-s0-1337 time management skills. God knows I need to work on them.

Yesterday's accomplishments also included pricing a rental tux and shoes for stuckintraffik's impending wedding, consulting said groom about dealing with the hard drive on the defunct desktop, picking up some instant coffee, and refueling the Sportage. This weekend I'm going to change the oil in he Sportage (way overdue), replace the chair in my bedroom, deal with the hard drive, get fitted for the tux, and maybe see The Bacchae with danae and amelia on Monday. I don't have any real plans for the Memorial Day weekend, except to continue food journaling so as to harness Shame and Guilt effectively and make them work for me. ^_^
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