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Pleasant surprises, for a change

Woke up this morning and checked the wellsfargo.com website to see which checks had hit the account, and was pleased to see that my most recent student loan disbursement had showed up a day early, for which much thanks is due the hard-working folks at St. Mary's financial aid office. *bows in the direction of Winona*
Most of it is going to service debt and outstanding bills, of course, but I should have enough left over to get a real, comfortable chair for the office and pick up either an external hard drive or the case & power supply to give a new home to the one from the defunct P-Machine.

It was also nice to see the sun shining outside in relatively clear skies, especially after being told yesterday that the clouds and rain would persist through the weekend. Plus, my cold is gone. Of course, I'm still in Minneapolis, still on academic probation, and still not Warlord of the Western Hemisphere, but one thing at a time. The great thing is not to lose your nerve, to quote Ace Barton and Peter Owensford. ^_^
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