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Huge quantities of suckage on all fronts

After a brief period of beautiful sunny breeziness, the rain has returned for the weekend, heralded by an insecticide truck crash on I-494 that thoroughly screwed up traffic on I-35W between the river and 38th Street in Minneapolis. More bitching and moaning follows.

This seems appropriate. Instead of staying home and doing laundry along with the homework that's due tonight (to say nothing of work originally due Saturday) I blew both off, inflicted the laundry on Melody as my revenge for irritations large & small, and went out to meet some folks I'd met online. In St. Paul. This kept me out until 1 AM, got me sufficiently tired that I stopped at McDonald's on the way home, and caused me to stumble forth this morning into the rain so that I was about 20 minutes late to work. As usual, fatigue induced me to make bad decisions about food, and I hit Bruegger's for a late breakfast. Right now I feel sluggish, sleepy, and about 99% sure I've contracted a cold.

Well, nothing for it but to pitch into the work the Evil Banking Neighbor demands of me, slap together the work that's due for class (better a half-ass job on the assignments than no assignments at all) this afternoon, and make good decisions about food for the rest of the day. Perhaps most importantly, I need to get a solid chunk of sleep when I get home, because the second go-round with Social Studies Methods starts tomorrow night and I want to have my game face on for that.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm not the only one disgruntled by the weather, but then I've been planning to leave Minnesota for a long time now...21 years, six months, and three days, by my count.
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