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Little con on the prairie

Well, after stuckintraffik and I made the "mistake" of going to chebutykin's midnight screening of SW III: ROTS (belated shoutouts to cajones, davedujour, mesmericone, qob and a bunch of other people not on my friends list) we didn't get on the road to Marshall until about 10:30-11 AM and were further delayed by the need to stop by the Kinko's in Eden Prairie and reprint registration flyers, since I had stupidly left the ones I printed at work on my desk. We also needed to print off room party flyers, which we didn't actually use that many of, so now we have a buttload of expedient registration flyers and room party flyers. After that we stopped briefly at Wal-Mart and picked up pop and chips and dip for the room party. I also bought a Washington SenatorsNationals hat, which was not paid for by Anime Detour. My fiscal rectitude is pastede on, yay! Remainder hidden to spare those uninterested in my half-ass con report...

After that brief shopping spree, we headed down US-212 and arrived at the Comfort Inn shortly after 2 PM, with brief stops at the Chaska Hardee's for lunch and the Cenex in Sacred Heart for gas. We then drove around he corner to Southwest Minnesota State U, where me managed to find the con by following some people in to the student center.
One things that struck both of us almost immediately was the lack of signage directing us to registration, and we soon found out that this was matched by a really inadequate map. As tokenfanboy pointed out in his report, though, our map and signage was pretty miserable in 2004 too, so methinks it's pretty much an endemic first-year problem. Eventually Kale and I wound up wandering through the hallways like rats in search of cheese (except the cheese was equally mobile and equally lost...) looking for bam2 and kirikayumura, eventually settling down at the Chrono Crusade panel where bam2 greeted us with a hug and mad props for treating him and kirikayumura so well at AD. Aw, gosh. #^_^# The panel also featured Matt Greenfield and Tiffany Grant, and after the panel I had a good long talk with both of them and got commitments from them to attend AD 2006. w00t!

After that, we wandered through the dealer's room, talked to Emily DeJesus, John, and chibitoaster, eventually departing for the nearby Cenex for milk, a restorative Moon Pie, and twenty pounds of ice to chill the sodas. Party setup ensued, pizza was ordered, and we hadn't been rolling AMVs for more than fifteen minutes before the first fans dropped by. We eventually packed the room, went through about a case and a half of pop, and most of the pizza. Chips and dip remained intact and will be dished up (along with the soda) at the next staff meeting. We handed out a fair number of the registration flyers, people came and went (including Carrie, kirikayumura, Jeff Stenzel, chibitoaster and her son Allen) with Matt Greenfield and Tiffany Grant showing up about 11:30-ish. stuckintraffik rolled Vic Bond's "This Isn't What We Meant" and Scintilla's "The NERV Evening News With Dan Rather" for them, but unfortunately they couldn't stay long enough to see Kevin Caldwell's "Engel". We'll just have to burn a CD for them. ^_^ As it was, by the time midnight rolled around I was pretty much done for despite the steady consumption of Diet Coke, so we shut down and crashed, at which point I slept like a log for nine hours, waking up around 9 AM on Sunday to find Kale putting away the kit. Damn, he's quiet.

We didn't get much of a feel for the convention, and I'm not willing to evaluate SogenCon on the basis of what other people told us. Both Kale and I got plenty of recognition from our guests who were at SogenCon as well as our members who were checking it out; we got some potential guest commitments along with the egoboo, a couple of potential staff members, and we got some flyers out there. All in all we had a good convention, so I'm not complaining. It would be good to be able to spend more time down there next year and get a better feel for how things were going, but this year there was too much else going on. I'm looking forward to hearing what other people had to say about it.
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