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now I am 61

Looking back over this past year, I sometimes think that God was concerned that my humility score wasn't high enough, because the events of the last year certainly humbled me in a number of ways. Still, I managed to avoid being reduced to sleeping in the street and losing all my stuff, but I had a lot of help, much of it from people I don't even really know, which is to say the readers of The Other McCain and Instapundit, who came through for me when I needed it most.* Yes, I got evicted; yes, I half-killed myself again trying to pack up all my crap, but I did pack 90% of it up and abandoned a bunch of stuff I could replace fairly easily.

It's also hard not to see the hand of God (hopefully) in my move up to Tonopah; while it's possible that sheer chance and the nosy algorithms of Silicon Valley may have had something to do with it, it's well known that He works in mysterious ways. How else would I have tripped over an ad from the state Rural Housing Authority while browsing Facebook? Who could have predicted that Corona-chan would do me the favor of getting me moved from the USVETS barracks to a room of my own at the Candlewood, where I could work on putting together all the documentation my landlord required, sock away a few hundred bucks while staying current on my bills, and even running up to Tonopah a couple of times to do the needful?

So everything has worked out for the best, even if this is not the best of all possible worlds. The fridge is full of food, I am going to get a little work in this month with the county elections board, which will help stretch my unemployment, and there is a very good chance that I'll be working for Block again this coming tax season as a virtual tax pro or in the franchise office across the street. It could be a lot worse. It has been a lot worse.

*And if you were one of those people, who I all too often forgot to thank in person, please accept my sincere apologies and my heartfelt gratitude.
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