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Mixed emotions

I can understand the annoyance and depression windelina and others are feeling over what seems like an endless string of gray, overcast days. I don't completely agree with it; being overly influenced by my time in the Army, I learned to like overcast and rainy days because if the Soviets ever decided to visit Paris in their heavily armored RVs, most of their aircraft would be grounded, while ours would be aloft blowing their stuff up and making their lives even more poor, nasty, brutish and short than they already were.

And now I'll make a clunky segue into talking about my favorite webcomic, Fred Thompson's Megatokyo. Apparently every time Fred falls off schedule for whatever reason, be it an outing to Anime Central, moving into a new house, whatever, a bunch of ingrates bombard him with e-mails complaining because the strip is late/missing/changed to a Dead Piro Day sketch or (worse, much worse) a Shirt Guy Dom strip. This bothers Fred, who apparently hasn't gotten sufficiently filled with rage to just tell these people to take their complaints and stick them up their ventral waste apertures until they choke on them. It bothers me too, because Fred whines about it, and I feel a combination of pity for him and rage at these dumbasses who are getting quality entertainment for FREE, yes, you idiots, FREE, because Fred is a generous guy who believes in giving something back to the Internet community [insert foghorn noise here] instead of just publishing the strip in tankouban format or syndicating it, which I think he could probably do, given the proven marketability of the strip.

Speaking of idiots, when is somebody at Warner Brothers going to wake up and realize that instead of rehashing and rebranding the venerable cartoons of our parents' youth, they ought to be doing something truly new and cool like bringing Megatokyo and Sluggy Freelance and maybe even User Friendly to the TV screen? I think it's great that FOX has done stuff like The Simpsons and King of the Hill and (briefly) Futurama, but let's be honest here, the art on those series has always been terrible and there isn't any kind of story arc going on with any of those series. The demand for anime and the popularity of shows like Buffy and The X-Files (to say nothing of soap operas and mini-series) in this country has proven that people will stay tuned to a series that has an ongoing plot stretched across an entire season or even several seasons. There will always be a place in the TV schedule for episodic sitcoms and drama, but it's time that animated series grew up and got some plot lines. What better time than now?
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