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My word of the day is "inertia".

Anu Garg says it's really "Gresham's Law", which is a phrase and not a word, so what does he know?

What with online chatting and noodling around in obscure corners of the Net that I hadn't visited in a while, I didn't get to sleep until about 0030 this morning, and then slept in until nearly 7 AM. Skipped breakfast (coffee, diabetes medication, and a warm Diet Dr. Pepper does not constitute breakfast, but somehow I don't feel hungry) and am brooding over whether I want to restart Weight Watchers again. I know I really ought to. It has worked in the past and will work again if I stick to the program; the only question is whether I'll do the journaliing and the exercising that I really need to do or whether I'll just piss the money away like I did the last few times I was on the program. I have to admit that one of the reasons I want to go is morbid curiosity about just how large I have become. I know I'm over 400, which is far too large for my own good, but just how far? It almost sounds like a horror movie synopsis. :)

There are a lot of payoffs to dropping the weight. Clothes will fit better, I'll feel better, and the odds of croaking early from heart failure will drop; there's also the happy possibility that if I drop enough weight the diabetes will disappear. It's also theoretically possible that if I can get back down to around 270 (this is a long-trange goal, obviously) I can get into the local National Guard unit and get the last four years in to qualify for retirement. The diabetes makes that iffy, but if dropping the weight and exercising makes that go away then it's possible. We'll see. There are also women to consider; we can't all be as lucky as cajones, since there is a limited supply of women like chebutykin out there and I think he has the only one in this part of the country. ^^

Plenty to do here at work, but my motivation circuit is acting up. I think I might continue the autobiographical posts, or maybe not.

Update: Went to the meeting but didn't weigh in since I forgot to bring a fresh pad of checks with me so's I could register. I'll take care of that next week.
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