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That's how we do it nowadays

The weekend was busy, with lots of stuff getting done and a reasonable amount of fun; despite changes in peoples' work schedules and some indolence, still managed to do the following:
-Do major grocery shopping (Saturday night on account of Scott working most of Saturday and me sleeping in on Saturday morning)
-Get the broadband paid for
-Run the AD meeting with reasonable efficiency
-Cover most of the necessary topics at the Board meeting, although the issue of social meetings didn't come up and will have to be saved for next meeting
-Get the laundry done, by dint of commandeering phoenixalpha's laundry card
-Paid for my CONvergence membership
-Found my reading textbook from last year, saving myself the $43 a new one would cost
-Mailed out the two CDs people bought off me on eBay.

So in spite of being a slothful and indolent slug on Sunday, and a meat puppet on Saturday, I got plenty done over the weekend. Which means I feel pretty good about it. Next weekend isn't going to be quite as productive on account of the day trip to SogenCon, but that'll be convention business and therefore cool.