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Fleshing out the plan

So, an update for the benefit of those of you scoring at home...

I'm currently in transitional housing a few blocks north of downtown Las Vegas with a couple hundred other vets. It's a lot like being in the transit barracks when I was on active duty, which is to say there's next to no privacy and there's a lot of tedious details and classes to deal with. On the other hand, they aren't requiring us to put on a uniform every day, so there's that. I'll probably be here through the end of tax season, at which point they'll help me move into an apartment while I'm working on acquiring a house with my VA loan.

All of this housing stuff is contingent on Social Security finally doing its thing and paying me SSDI, including the six months of back payments they owe me. I'm also applying for VA disability based on diagnosis and treatment for stress-induced asthma while I was on active duty; some people have opined that this may be connected to my sleep apnea, but that's what we pay the doctors to figure out. I'll be calling the local Social Security office Friday while I'm waiting at the DMV to find out where I am in the process; my caseworker and I called the state adjudicator yesterday and found that they'd already passed the files back to SSA, so we should have some idea by tomorrow where I'm at.

In the meantime, bills must be paid. You can help by throwing money at my PayPal or my GoFundMe. Thanks in advance for your help!
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