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The plan for this weekend

1. Storm the beaches of Kyushu...
...no, wait, wrong plan, damn it.

Tonight Scott and I will do grocery shopping, after which I'm going to do some laundry since I have a bad case of the outofits.
Tomorrow, the ATC Board meeting in the early part of lunchtime followed by the AD staff meeting, with more carnage & death to follow courtesy of stuckintraffik, who will be hosting the HALO session on account of having the two large TVs. Depending on how late the meeting runs, I may be able to make Confession for the first time in about four and a half years.
Sunday I'm going to try and find my reading textbook, which I don't think I sold last year, and I'm also going to do some of the preliminary work to make up things I'm going to miss by not being in class on May 21 due to SogenCon.

We'll see how this all works out; nothing ever goes exactly as planned, as y'all know very well.

UPDATE: Wow, this didn't even last four hours before it went up in flames. Scott's working tomorrow out in Eagan, so Melody and I will do shopping tomorrow morning. Yay.
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