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False start

I trucked into work this morning because I thought I had a class after work at St. Mary's, but when I got there with my burrito and my Palm Pilot I found that it didn't actually start until next week. At least I wasn't all alone; the instructor thought it was supposed to start tonight too, but since the other fellow in the class wasn't there and the school hadn't blocked a classroom, he just gave me the syllabus and I went home early. I guess I better check the dead-tree catalog to confirm when my other classes start, since the online catalog was wrong about "tonight's" class.

After that fiasco, I headed home to get Melody and take her to eat at Culver's after a quick stop at Sam's Club for industrial quantities of household necessities -well, I guess cheesecake and hummus don't really count as necessities, but since Melody's been picking up the tab a lot lately when we've been eating out, I can afford to be a little indulgent occasionally. Most of the $90+ tab went for renewing the annual membership and enough razor blades to shave my entire body ten times over between now and New Year's, the rest being spent on Spam, pita bread, and the aformentioned hummus & sweets. No Q-tips, though, dammit, and the bread was entirely too expensive. I don't care what company extrudes it, there's no store-bought bread loaves worth $2 per pound; at those prices, I might as well stop at Cub and restock on yogurt.

Took tomorrow off work so's I can update my driver's license (should have done that last June, but I Forgot), take care of the purchase permit for Masha, do laundry, and otherwise advance my sinister plans for world domination. I'll check in with Weight Watchers on Wednesday, I guess.
Tags: domestic stuff, food, teaching
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