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Limitless apathy

Went to bed early last night and slept very well, maybe too well...woke up at 4 AM and then went back to bed until 6, at which point I reset the alarm for 7:45. Which was dumb, really...I should have just gotten up, swilled some coffee and had a real breakfast for once instead of noshing on an English muffin with my coffee and drugs. After all was said and done I was late again to work, which means I now owe my boss 90 minutes of time, which I'll make up tomorrow and Friday.

There are a number of interesting things out there in the blogosphere that I suppose I could link to, but I've had absolutely no energy whatsoever today, and I can't even blame it on screwed-up blood sugar...it's probably the weather, whose cold and drizzly nature is already making my knee hurt. There's also nothing exciting going on in my life either, and nothing likely to be exciting in the next couple of weeks except possibly the day trip to SogenCon on the weekend of the 21st. Tonight's class is liable to be as excruciatingly boring as it was last year.

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