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sloth, indolence, etc.

Well, I haven't done a whole lot these last couple of days; I've washed some dishes, bagged up some garbage, and done the daily bloggage, of course, but not a whole lot else of a productive nature. I did go a little nuts at Jack In The Box the other night and ate half a dozen egg rolls along with my burgers.

I've plowed through Forged In Blood, which is a very good anthology with very few weak stories, just some I didn't like as well as others. Also finished 1636: The Kremlin Games, which I think has a date problem since all the goings-on in the book are from 1632 on to 1636, and that just doesn't seem quite right to me. The protagonist is drinking himself to death after the Battle of the Crapper, which IIRC happens in late 1632 or even 1633, but the book starts in January 1632. Well, despite that, it was entertaining, and reading it at the same time as War & Peace, which I am chugging through at the rate of a couple of chapters a day, makes for some interesting insights into how little Russian culture has really changed from the 17th century to the 21st.

I find myself reluctant to reach out to Fred or Angie or anyone else who could realistically help me with the rent, but I'm going to have to do something soon. Having James move down here will help with that, of course, but Murphy being the fellow he is, I don't expect that to happen this year unless something horrible happens.
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