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Went to bed early last night, but the effort to stay awake until 8:30 so I could set the alarm properly gave me my second wind so that I didn't fall asleep until nearly 1 AM...and then, apparently, I screwed up while setting the alarm clock so that it didn't go off, and so Melody got to wake me at 7:45. Urgh. Wound up catching the 535 in to work and arriving at 9:40, so I have and hour and change to make up over the next few days. I say again, urgh.

Changed wallpaper again today, to this. More cartoony.

Still hungry after the brownbag lunch, I wandered over to Taco John's in 6 Quebec so as to take advantage of the cheap tacos. Discovered to my horror that it had become a Pepsi joint, which pretty much kills any reason for going there instead of Taco Bell. Thus the advance of entropy continues.