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"Well, it's not like anyone's really going to miss Belgium anyway."

Slept badly and not long enough last night, which is not too surprising since I stayed up way too late Friday night reading Perdido Street Station and then way too late Saturday night playing Civicrack and listening to the Sheckmaster General guest-hosting on The Root Of All Evil. Last night's late hours were largely spent throwing jazz CDs up on eBay and hunting for suitable (which is to say non-NSFW, mostly) OS-tan wallpapers.
Good thing I spent most of the morning vegging in the Kia while Scott and phoenixalpha dealt with the latest ugly collision between Scott and the DVS; it cost me half a day's PTO, but with any kind of luck this'll be the last problem Scott has with his driver's license, now that all the unpaid tickets are finally cleared up.
Got into work at 1 PM, installed new OS-tan wallpaper (on which I had painstakingly used Paint to correct some Engrish) suitable to the workstation, and busted through all the uploads and research that had piled up by 3:45. I hope to God the Evil Banking Neighbor never gets around to realizing that I could do this job perfectly well on 20 hours a week.
Tonight, continued inertia, possibly some work on eBay, and an early bedtime. Class starts again on Wednesday and continues through June.
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