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Home hardware update

I have given up the P-Machine for dead; all that remains now is to extract the hard drive and stick it in an external case so the Killer Satellite of Love (the old Toshiba laptop) can access it. Of course, that won't solve the printer problem...the KSoL refuses to see the Laserjet through the USB ports and stubbornly keeps trying to shovel print out the normal printer port...which has nothing hooked into it. Stupid Win98. I'm almost tempted to install Win2K Pro onto the KSoL but I'm afraid that would cause more problems than it would solve at this point. In addition to the printer weirdness, the floppy drive is apparenrtly shot and it looks like either the speakers or the soundcard went the way of the screen. Oh, well, it types, it posts to LJ, everything else is bullshit. ^^
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