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The story so far

So here I am on the 24th floor of the Stratosphere, with a great view of the mountains, the industrial/strip club zone between the '15 and (what else) Industrial Road, and the really sketchy neighborhood between the hotel and the zone...

I haven't had much luck finding an apartment to stay in for the next year until I can use my VA loan and nail down a house, but hopefully the place Yvonne the Realtor and I looked at this morning will be the Real Deal. It's a nice place with tile flooring (except in the bedrooms, which are carpeted), the all-important washer & dryer, and an absence of roaches. I'm not too crazy about the neighborhood (just off Maryland & Mesquite north of 95) but I am not in a position to be terribly picky. After I finish with this, I'm going to fill out the application, pick up a cashier's check and a recent statement from the credit union, print out the app at FedEx, and submit it before I head in to the Desert Inn office at 3 PM for the preseason training I missed last week. If that doesn't work out, I think I'll just move across the street to the Aztec Inn, which has furnished studios for $130/week, and just wait until it becomes house buying time.

I have not gone back to work for Uber aside from a couple of short evenings early in the month. Between them jacking me around for some unspecified wrongness at the airport (they cleared me, but never did say what the issue was) and the county losing my business license (they want me to pay $5 for a copy) and an ongoing tiredness, I'm not too willing to go out and drive even if I felt up to it, which lately I haven't been. I may force myself to go out and do a few nights worth anyway, but I really don't think I'm up to pulling the 8-10 hour overnight shifts on weekends that I used to do before going to the hospital in October.

Social Security is expediting the reactivation of my old claim, which means that starting in January I'll be getting about $1400/month until they approve my claim: maybe in April, maybe June, hopefully not later. The downside to this is that I'm only going to be able to work about 20 hours a week for Block through the end of March. Not looking forward to telling my manager this, but the rules are what they are.
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