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The Real ID Act

Professor Death is skeptical about the anti-terrorist benefits of this bill, and Libertarian-in-elephant's clothes Ron Paul denounced it as a "national ID card". I personally don't think this is going to affect the GWoT except at the margins. Bruce Schneier , IIRC, is on record as saying exactly that, since IDs by themselves aren't that useful in enhancing security. Just look at all the forged drivers' licenses out there now - is adding a smart chip to the new ones really going to make that any tougher?

I think the ID will have its greatest effects in the area of immigration control, which is one area of the War on Terror that has consistently sucked ass for stupid political reasons. Especially if DHS is serious about handing out ID with RFID chips in them to legal immigrants...once you get a few hundred ICE agents with Treos out there checking out the IDs, we may actually be able to put the stomp of disapproval on all these businesses hiring illegals.
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