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Back with the clowns again

The Bartender: "May God turn His merciful face towards them."
The Fudir: "Better his face, than what he's been showing them lately."

"When crying, stung by bee."
- Japanese proverb

So I went to see my primary care doc yesterday afternoon, and we went over the records from Sunrise & Canyon Vista. The good news was that the wound on the bottom of my right foot has healed; the bad news was that I I have an abscess on my back, for which I was prescribed doxycycline. This antibiotic is doing what all its kind do, which is drain me of energy so all I want to do is sleep, or at least be in a horizontal position, so even if Uber wasn't screwing around with my account, I wouldn't be out driving until the wee hours anyway.

From there I went to the VA hospital for the aforementioned antibiotic, plus more BP meds, insulin, and test strips; then to Arizona Charlie's for the half-price buffet. Then it was back to Circus Circus for two nights (mysterious are the ways of Priceline) where I unpacked my backpack and nose hose, took my evening drugs, and fell asleep for twelve hours until I was wakened by some collectors who want money for NVEnergy. They'll get paid when everybody else does. In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of my friends and family, I don't have to worry about sleeping in my car for the rest of the week.
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