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Best Megatokyo Ever.

For the last week, and including today's strip, Fred has been on a completely crushing roll. Emotion is blazing off the pages here, and I salute him for taking the extra time this last week to get everything just right. Awesome. Just completely awesome. I haven't been this impressed with the strip in ages. phoenixalpha is of the opinion that this sequence mirrors the one in this strip from three years ago, which in fact is just the climax of the online adventure Miho referred to here.

Things have come full circle in a number of ways. Once, it was Largo slinging an extremely drunk Piro across his back, after Piro had crashed and burned horribly in yet another bout with the RL Game of Love. Now, it's Largo who's gotten his ego crushed, and Piro comes to the rescue. Life imitates art, which at some point imitated someone's life. It's just so cool.
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