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The Thirty-Day Song Challenge

Ganked from @Communism_Kills on Twitter

1. A song with a color in the title
Rolling Stones, Paint It Black

2. A song with a number in the title
Blue Oyster Cult, Me-262

3. A song that reminds you of summertime
Kid Rock, All Summer Long

4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget
I don't have anyone like that in my life; the closest I can come is
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Cinnamon Girl

5. A song that needs to be played loud
The Dictators, Search & Destroy

6. A song that makes you want to dance
Al Green, Let's Stay Together

7. A song to drive to
Judas Priest, Heading Out To The highway

8. A song about drugs or alcohol
Metallica, Master Of Puppets

9. A song that makes you happy
James McMurtry, Choctaw Bingo

10. A song that makes you sad
Frank Sinatra, Body & Soul

11. A song you never get tired of
The Cult, Love Removal Machine

12. A song from your preteen years
Jerry Reed, Amos Moses

13. A song you like from the 70s
The Who, Won't Get Fooled Again

14. A song you'd love to have played at your wedding
The Eagles, Take It To The Limit

15. A song that's a cover by another artist
Blondie, Hanging On The Telephone

16. A song that's a classic favorite
Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

17. A song that you'd sing a duet with someone at karaoke
Ruka Imai, Truth (I would have to be extremely drunk for this.)

18. A song from the year you were born
The Flamingos, I Only Have Eyes For You

19. A song that makes you think about life
Jason & The Scorchers, Somewhere Within

20. A song that has many meanings for you
James McMurtry, Outskirts

21. A song you like with somebody's name in the title
Jason & The Scorchers, Absolutely Sweet Marie

22. A song that moves you forward
Rob Halford, The One You Love To Hate

23. A song you think everybody should listen to
Stacie Collins, Lend The Devil A Hand

24. A song by a band you wish were still together
Ultravox, Slow Motion

25. A song you like by an artist no longer living
David Bowie, Heroes

26. A song that makes you want to fall in love
Mariya Takeuchi, Plastic Love

27. A song that breaks your heart

28. A song by an artist whose voice you love
Megumi Hayashibara, Oshiete Koi Wa Happiness

29. A song you remember from your childhood
Richard Kiley, The Impossible Dream

30. A song that reminds you of yourself
James McMurtry, Too Long In The Wasteland
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