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Take that, culture snobs.

Michele of A Small Victory lays the smackdown on culture snobs. RTWT, and scroll up a little bit for her take on the new Trent Reznor album. I cheerfully admit she's more of an alt-rocker than I am. The only thing I ever liked from Nine Inch Nails was "Head Like A Hole".

Her comment on wackjob Jennifer Wilbanks is dead on, too.

My list of favorite comedy movies?

In no particular order:
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
The Road To Morocco
Trading Places
Coming To America
Our Man Flint
Up In Smoke
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Life of Brian
History of the World, Part I
Army of Darkness
The 13 Chairs

A lot of the movies on Michele's list I just haven't seen, though I'd like to see This Is Spinal Tap one of these days. Some of them I just didn't think were that funny, like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.