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Orson Scott Card opines, "There's just no need for Star Trek any more."

There may be no need for it, but it's a big universe with a lot of interesting story possibilities in it and a lot of fans who are willing and eager to watch those stories if they're done well. The big problem with Star Trek has been that the last two series in that universe, Voyager and Enterprise, were just not very well done and featured some of the worst features of the original series' third season tarted up in 21st century drag. Rumor has it that TPTB want to bring forth a Star Trek 90210, which I think would be completely appropriate for the folks that botched Voyager and Enterprise so badly; at this point I'm not sure they could come up with something worse if they had Triple H doing the scripting.

Via K-Lo at the Corner. Funny, usually Jonah's the one with the Trek references...