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Yes, there is a war on, but...

...but it's not this kind of war. It's not even Vietnam or Korea. It has a lot more in common with the Indian Wars or the Philippine Insurrection, which raged quite bloodily (if episodically) while 99% of America got on with their lives, which in those days were mostly solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short by our 21st Century lights, especially if you were black, Hispanic or Catholic.

What set this off was Michelle Malkin and others taking umbrage at the Blogfather's snarky comment on the House passage of the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. Ace correctly notes that "There's a war on!" doesn't seem to interfere with Mazdablogging. catblogging, and other things not related to the war in Iraq, so why should it interfere with Congress doing the domestic policy thing? Good question.

As for me, whether the war in question is a big crusade or a splendid/savage little war, I think Senators should quit acting like spoiled brats and do the jobs we elected them to do. We're certainly paying them and their staffs enough money, to say nothing of all the perks.
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