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Giving pop stars their propers

Speaking of rock music, anyone who knows me well knows that I despise the Beatles. I never liked them all that much to begin with due to the relentless hype that surrounded them and their status as Icons Of The Sixties, which as a kid coming of age in the extraordinarily sucky Seventies I thought hideously overrated to begin with. It didn't help that my ex-wife was a stone Beatlemaniac. To this day, if a Beatles tune comes on the radio I'll hit the button for another station, and if it's one of those goofy wetbrained John Lennon songs like "Imagine", I'll hit the button twice as hard.

However, if you want to be considered an honest historian (as opposed to an ideologue or a propagandist) you have to give people their due for accomplishing great things, and I have been convinced by
Colby Cosh that the Beatles do indeed deserve credit for changing the course of rock music. True, they were following in the footsteps of Buddy Holly. But as Colby points out, the Beatles were the right people at the right time to change rock from something only kids listened to into something much, much bigger. I rather doubt that the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus", as Lennon once fatuously quipped, but they changed the way people thought about a lot of things, and that is what great people do.
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