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That was the weekend that was

Well, I spent much of Saturday catching up on bills before going out to have fun. I had planned to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena with a friend, but we couldn't get her DVD hooked up properly. Oh, well. I then headed up to Crystal to meet some other folks, stopping at the ex's place to give Melody her cell phone (she'd left it in the Kia) and then at the remade/remodeled Cheapo in Uptown, where I found entirely too much good music and killed about an hour. Didn't get up to Crystal until around 11 or so, which is kind of late, but it was a good party even if it meant not getting home with an irritated Melody until around 1:30 AM.

Sunday was likewise spent on entertainment, although this was fun of the sercon variety. The Diversicon 12/13 meeting had moved to Betsy's Back Porch, a nice little coffeehouse. My enjoyment of it was hobbled by forgetting my wallet at home, but the meeting was good - we kept D13 in August of 2005 and picked who I think was the best possible GoH out of the list - Sherree Thomas, editrix of the Dark Matter anthologies. We also picked a T-shirt design, talked a little about programming and publicity efforts, and adjourned around 3 PM. Melody was hungry again by that time, so we headed over to Lois' place to get the stuff she hadn't packed home Saturday night and then over to Noodles in Highland Park. shrug It was okay. The udon noodles and beef were nothing special, and Melody didn't seem too impressed by the pasta rosa she had, either.

I also had the chance to talk briefly with Eric about how Diversicon came to be. According to Eric, it came down to a decision by MNSTF to switch from open Minicon meetings (Eric's preference) to closed/invitation-only Minicon meetings (David Dyer-Bennet's suggestion, endorsed by the Board). This decision caused Eric, Sybil, Art, and the people who made up the core of SF Minnesota to part ways with Minicon and MNSTF...and later, they picked up TOTU when that became to expensive for MNSTF to continue publishing it. So it goes. Eric was amused by the notion that David and I might publish a one-shot issue of enuR with a cover illo featuring his pic and Rick Gellman's with the caption Not Dead Yet. We'll see how that goes.