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Public service announcement

Yo, artists! (Or friends of artists!)

A couple of folks I know are looking for artwork - Rick Gellman is in need of a T-shirt design for this year's Diversicon. Theme: "The Evolution Will Not Be Televised". Last I heard, Diversicon was paying $50 up front plus $1 commission on each T-shirt sold and a free copy of the shirt.

edminster is also looking for art, but he wasn't too specific about what he was looking for, so you'll have to ask him.

Last but not least, this convention that I happen to be chairman of is also looking for art: badge designs, fillos for the program book, cover art for the program book, stuff like that. Program book cover (4-color max) pays $125, fillos (b/w, 3"x 5" maximum size) $25. Badge designs negotiable. Next year's theme is "You Can't Handle The Catgirls!"; suitably twisted anime renditions of scenes from A Few Good Men, Full Metal Jacket, and Alien gratefully accepted.
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