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Start your day off dumb...

So I went up to the Frontiersman this morning to finish paying for my Makarov, now that my student loan has come in ("What could be more educational than guns?" - Prime Minister Ikk, in Keith Laumer's Retief's War) and discovered after I'd paid off the remaining balance that I needed to stop by the Bloomington PD and fill out an application for a purchase permit. I had totally forgotten about this, and of course the BPD doesn't have Saturday hours, so...I'll have to take some time off next week and go fill out paperwork to prove I'm not a loony or a felon before I can bring Masha home.

The purchase permit is not the same as the carry permit, BTW. After I buy the pistol, I'll still need to take classes from an accredited, approved instructor (say, Joel Rosenberg) before I can file paperwork for the carry permit. I figure once I get through the hurdle of being allowed to buy, though, the carry permit ought to be easy.

It could be worse. In Maryland, it wouldn't matter if I'd been raped, was currently being stalked by a vengeful ex, and had a job that required me to carry cash & valuable jewels around in crack-infested parts of Baltimore - the odds of my getting state approval to buy a pistol, much less carry one concealed, would be slim and none. Well, it used to be called the Free State once, but that was a long long time ago.
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