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We have a new pope!

Well, I was hoping he would be chosen, and he was. Here's some info on the man who will go down in history as Pope Benedict XVI.

Edit: Thanks to stuckintraffik and huladavid for calling and e-mailing me to let me know! Also, K-Lo has an astute quote from Ratzinger's writings on the place of the Church in modern society.

Update: Megan McArdle has been keeping an eye on the BBC, which is not failing to disappoint. She also has a pertinent comment on the perils of liberalizing one's church. (Ha! A triple negative! Go me! ^^)

Update 2: Gosh, so many unhappy people. Well, I hear the mainline Protestant churches are desperately seeking members. *snerk*

Update 3: Joe Gandelman has an outstanding collection of links with brief excerpts from some of the more interesting ones. (Via the ever-reliable Professor Death
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