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50 ways to die, most of them depressingly similar

I probably should have known better, considering how little sleep I got last night, but after dinner tonight I did a couple of deathmatches with phoenixalpha, who proceeded to run the table on me (so to speak), 50-13, and it really wasn't even that close. Aside from the age difference and fatigue, she's obviously been putting in a fair amount of time learning how to shoot on the move. She looks a lot like Scott, as a matter of fact, jumping around a lot and moving in circles around the target.

Towards the end of the second match she said encouragingly, "You're getting better," to which I replied, "This is not 'getting better'. Smack talk I don't mind so much, but don't lie to me." Maybe I shouldn't have snapped at her, since I'm sure she meant well, but I'd rather have her be honest with me and tell me I suck rather than lie to me so I feel better about it. Yeah, I know. I'm weird.
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