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Awkward questions

Cobb has a few things to say about race after his return from the Big Easy. (I've linked to the first post; read up for the other two and the comic strips.) I find it a lot easier to deal with than the white guilt trip laid down in the race relations class a couple winters back, because he's talking to everyone. Not just the white folks, not just the blacks. Part of the deal is that there's been a whole lot of blending and mixing going on and a lot of different cultures thrown into the mix so it's not just about skin color, not that it ever really was.

Cobb also riffs on the topic of politics, and some of his references won't make a lot of sense unless you got deeper into black history than MLK Jr. and the other stuff that gets a once-over-lightly every February, as if black history began and ended with the Civil Rights Struggle. People in general need a better understanding of how the black elites developed during the late 19th and early 20th century, what was up with the Tuskegee Machine and the Talented Tenth, and why Harlem was more than just some run-down slum on Manhattan Island. To say nothing of the Tenth Cavalry.
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