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One Saturday, with rockets

So I stayed up way too late Friday night...and damn near slept through the moving party at the storage locker, which didn't happen due to the rain and the lack of people. No big deal; my shoulder hurt anyway, and I at least got the lease taken care of. New locker is on the ground floor, so that's good, and we may have a shot at a 5x15 sometime in the next year, which would be good since the existing 5x10 is pretty full.

Following the abortive moving, I stopped by Chipotle and grabbed a burrito before heading over to stuckintraffik's joint, only to find that nobody else had had lunch and the consensus was for Chinese. So I went along to the Eastern Buffet and just had appetizers...the teriyaki sticks have improved greatly since last time I was there, but the rest of it is pretty much standard-issue Chinese buffet. We then went back to the apartment and did several rounds of HALO. I did pretty badly against Josh & Kale, not so badly against Alan and Kale, mainly because Alan spent a lot of time shooting at nothing to see how stuff worked and then I'd shoot him to make the noise stop.

Eventually Kale left to get Lauren, and when they got back we visited for a while before Josh & I headed out; he was feeling like dinner and I wanted to get some groceries, go home, and shower. Which I did, before wasting the rest of the evening having the computer kick my ass at C2P and then getting the audio feed from KFAI for the Root show. Tomorrow I'm going to get some of that overdue schoolwork done. No, really!
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