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Climbing out of a hole

Registration for the summer term at St. Mary's has been delayed by all the Incompletes I've accrued since last summer. I can knock most of them out fairly quickly, and these next two weeks will be a good time to deal with them since classes don't start until early next month. As for the summer term, I'll be using that to retake some of the classes I flunked last year. Maybe, if time, money and energy permit, I'll deal with some of the prerequisites (such as dveelopmental psych) that I managed to not take during my eleven years of undergraduate work while wasting time on stuff like ballistic missile defense seminars.

I'm a little surprised at how calm I am about this, considering how much is at stake. The MA program I'm in now is my ticket out of Wells Fargo, where it's obvious I'm never going to move up to anything better than the Customer Accounting position I've held for a little over six years. That's the long term; in the short term, the student loans are doing wonders for my cash flow and tax situation. Granted, it looks like I'm going to be stuck here until at least 2007, but at least I finally have some friends up here.
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