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Clear-headed Thursday

Felt sufficiently better today to go back to work, where I was rewarded by being told that since this is my fourth instance of calling in sick this year, I'm one step away from being placed on oral warning status. Thank you for your concern, Evil Banking Neighbor! Still a little sniffly, but the throat is better and the headache is gone, so I can deal with the small mountain of e-mail that piled up in my absence as well as the 25 voice mails that clogged my phone. At least I won't be bored today, right?

Tonight I'll sit down and go through my taxes one last time, hoping to find something I missed so that I don't have to pay several hundred dollars to the IRS and the state. I've tweaked my W2 so that they'll be taking out a little more tax for the rest of this year, since I'm getting tired of having to pay the IRS along with the state every year...it's not as bad this year as it was last year, but it's still bad.

A link worth following: Peggy Noonan takes a look at what might be going through a cardinal's mind as the time for the conclave approaches. I think we're due for another Great American Catholic Novel, and I think Ms. Noonan's got the chops.
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