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Woke up this morning at 4 with my throat on fire and my nose all stuffed up, along with a thundering headache, so I stayed home again today...if nothing else, now I'll have time to revise my research paper that's due tonight and maybe slap together the lit review as well. Meanwhile, more tea and more aspirin.

In passing, I see that Meisha Merlin Publishing will be offering a limited edition of Robert Heinlein's works to be called The Virginia Edition. Forty-six volumes containing nearly everything Heinlein ever wrote, including some of his letters, for $2500. It's an interesting notion, but I don't find it too encouraging that they include I Will Fear No Evil and For Us, The Living among the first twelve volumes in the set, along with How To Be A Politician, which IIRC was reprinted by Baen Books some time ago as Take Back Your Government. Via Professor Bainbridge.
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