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Way too late for my own good

I managed to get the apazine printed out and over to the Kinko's at 97th & Lyndale, but was halfway to Cat Whisker Ranch before I realized that I'd forgotten issue #61, which hadn't made it to the March collation on account of Anime Detour. So #61 will have to wait for the next collation, Jeanne will type up some errata for the next ToC, and life will go on. As for the collation itself, everybody (Jeff Peasley, Blue Petal, Jeanne, John, Judie and David) was in a pretty good mood; David had just been hired by Xiotech, ending a 2 1/2 year stretch of un- and under-employment. Jeanne was still pretty pumped from Minicon, although unhappy about being between assignments again, and so it goes.

Collating and chatting lasted until about 5; I then hied myself to Jerusalem's and ate shawirma for dinner before heading over to windelina and Monte's place. It looks pretty good, and except for the upstairs plumbing is pretty solid. The party was pretty sizable. Lots of folks I knew sorta kinda from CONvergence concom, other folks who I assume were either family or theater acquaintances, and stuckintraffik's friend Jaffer's SO Amanda, who everyone called Gamanda so as not to confuse her with the other Amanda. I mostly hung out and listened to various conversations, though I would have been tempted by DDR if I hadn't eaten so much at dinner. Party finally broke up about 0100 and I made my way home after picking up milk and cat food.

I'd intended to get up at 0830 but that wasn't happening, since I felt like crap. Wound up sleeping in until 1030 but still managed to get laundry done, after which I basically just laid around and killed time. Didn't feel at all well and am unsure whether this is an allergy or just some kind of respiratory crap; I don't have the stuffy head and nose I normally get from allergies, just a sore throat and congestion in the chest. Damn. Now, of course, since I slept in half the morning, I can't get to sleep. Damn.
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