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More computer suckage

Well, apparently the USB hub is also dead, since I couldn't get anything plugged into it to work for love nor money. It's like the desktop is dying by inches here...first the sound card a while back, then the keyboard socket, then the mouse/touchpad socket, now the USB hub. What a pain in the ass. At least I managed to get the apazine finished up, downloaded into the thumb drive, and printed out using the laptop. I am resigning mself to the possibiltity that I either need to replace the motherboard in this pile of crap i call the P-Machine or bite the bullet and get another desktop from the Box Shop. Or something.

So...time to get showered, dressed, and hie myself off to the collation, after which I need to stop off somewhere and pick up some soda on the way to the housewarming at windelina and Monte's joint. Good thing the price of gas has come back down to about $2.07, otherwise all this running around would get way too expensive.
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